May 2018
The Saint of Liars is now Live!

That's right! Forget preorders! You can now buy the second installment in the Lucky Devil series on Amazon!

The Saint of Liars Order Here!

The Sale is Still Going On

But wait! I haven't read the first book yet? Well guess what? The Finder of the Lucky Devil ebook will be on sale for $0.99!

If you've been holding off on jumping into this "tale of modern urban fantasy with a rather cheeky sense of humor," now's the time!


In a world where magic and technology are in competition with each other, Rune, a magic user, is asked to find a wanted criminal, Anna Masterson, by the cyber-spy St. Benedict. She's faced with the biggest problem of her life, because Rune is Anna Masterson. And he's not taking no for an answer.






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But I want a real physical copy of Saint of Liars with your autograph in it? Come find me at my next con. Click on the banner for more information!

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