July 2018
What's the News, Barman?

Hey everyone! 

So this is going to be a quick newsletter with just a few bits of news.

My current WIP (Work In Progress):

I am working on a spin-off story about Elias. Who is Elias you ask? Well to find out that answer, you obviously need to read Book 2 of the Lucky Devil Series, The Saint of Liars. (see picture below.)

I've also been debating about how to number this spin-off story, as it will take place after the events of Book 2, but it does not follow Rune or St. Benedict, so I'm definitely not calling it Book 3. I'm currently favoring numbering Book 2.1, but if you have a better idea, please let me know on my Facebook page

Also, a small point of pride: Last week I sold my 1000th book! Not bad for my first year as an indie author.

Immortal Instruments Giveaway!

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As always:

In a world where magic and technology are in competition with each other, Rune, a magic user, is asked to find a wanted criminal, Anna Masterson, by the cyber-spy St. Benedict. She's faced with the biggest problem of her life, because Rune is Anna Masterson. And he's not taking no for an answer.




It’s been two months since Rune Leveau, aka Anna Masterson, survived the machinations of the Kodiak corporation and things have been relatively peaceful in the iconic bar, the Lucky Devil.

The peace couldn’t last.

The Saint of Liars Order Here!

Shoeless Joe
Something Inspirational

My current favorite quote from my WIP

"Coffee had been her weapon, and she had no regrets."