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The Finder of the Lucky Devil

The only thing more dangerous than using your magic to help a cybernetic spy find a missing criminal, is being the criminal he’s looking for...

When Rune Leveau is approached by a charmingly dangerous, cybernetically-altered, corporate spy, St. Benedict, his request seemed simple: use her magical Talent to help him find an elusive criminal named Anna Masterson. But Rune has a dangerous secret: She IS Anna Masterson.

"THE FINDER OF THE LUCKY DEVIL: is one of my favorite finds this year."
- Amazon Reviewer

The Saint of Liars

It's been two months since Rune Leveau, aka Anna Masterson, survived the machinations of the Kodiak corporation and things have been relatively peaceful in the iconic bar, the Lucky Devil.

The peace couldn't last.

The corporate entities that rule her Chicago are not through with the Finder yet and the other powers-that-be don't intend to be left in the dust.

Saint of Liars eCover

"This is a fantastic story of urban fantasy and I recommend it to lovers of that genre or anyone who owns a gripping, but fun, read."
-Amazon Reviewer

Saint Code Lost eCover

Saint Code: Lost

The cybernetic revolution was inevitable. Nothing else changed.

For St. Augustina, a cyber-spy for hire by anyone with the credits to pay, her life has been a series of endless nights in the heart of the Data Bowl, the cybernetic city of corporate markets and sub markets. Why would one typical job from the mysterious Orange Lady be any different?

Because it was a trap.

"This book had me turning page after page."
-Amazon Reviewer

Death and The Crone

Why should the sexy immortal guy always go for the sixteen-year-old?

Margaret has given up on life. In her late sixties, homeless and unwanted by society, it seemed a logical thing to go with this rich, handsome stranger back to his expensive apartment. Sure, it probably would mean her death, but what did she have to lose anyway? But instead of finding her death, Margaret learns that nothing in her savior’s world is what it seems, including herself.

Death and the Crone eCover
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