The snake was enraged.

How dare the magic lady keep the delicious prey away! Ever since she had found her way to this alley, away from the green place of her birth, she had subsisted on the rats and mice of the city. The twisty creature worked it’s way down the warm, hard ground, it’s scales weaving back and forth to propel it forward. She had wanted to sit safe and warm in the sun, but a delectable Fae had caught the snake’s interest.
Having consumed such creatures before, the snake always felt different afterwards. Thinking became more than simply acting instinct. The snake remembered it clearly, the day she had first realized she was more than simply… simply whatever she had been before. It was the first moment she had ever referred to herself as simply… I.

For awhile she had subsisted on a steady of diet of little sweet Fae.

Each one made it easier to catch the next one. But then… the supply had stopped. The little Fae had become scarce and the snake realized that with time, her ability to think had diminished with it. Soon, she could feel her identity, her precious “I,” slip away, peeling away like her old skins.

It was destiny that new Fae had reappeared in her alley. Yet, that creature, that magic human woman, kept interfering! No sooner had the snake noted the little lavender Fae, with her crunchy wings, sitting on the back of a loose, empty can of pop, than the magic woman appeared, chasing her salvation back inside the building out of her reach.

Soon, there would be no more “I”.

Too soon. There hadn’t been enough time. Not enough at all to be aware of the beauty of the musicians that played on the corner or dazzled by the art sprayed on the walls of her alley.
The snake poked it’s head out of the alley, tasting the air as she did so. She thought she sensed it, the tingly sweetness in the air of another Fae nearby. Even though it was risky to come out on the main sidewalk in the middle of the day, how could she not? A Fae was close by and soon was… Soon was….
It was now or never.

To Be Continued…