“How is love not good for everybody?” Acorn asked.

The little brownie was perched on the Angry Laughing Man’s shoulder while the man worked, messing with wires and tools, beside the lamppost. While the man toiled, drilling a hole into the black metal of the post, Acorn told him the story about their failed attempt to wish Ms. Rune into falling in love with Franklin the centaur.

“Love is good, but what your doing isn’t love,” the Angry Laughing Man said as he took out a tape measure, stretching it across the apple-sized hole he had made.

“Howso?” Acorn asked, swinging their little legs. The little brownie had never heard such an absurd thing before.

“Love requires choice to grow.

What you’re doing is coercion.” The Angry Laughing Man seemed satisfied with the hole as he let the tape snap itself closed.

“But…” Acorn furrowed their brow. “She’s alone… that’s bad. She’s choosing to do something bad and I’m helping.”

The Angry Laughing Man laughed. “That is quite a leap of logic, Brave Little Warrior.”

“What do you mean?” Acorn huffed.

“Being alone isn’t necessarily a bad thing.”

“Yes it is!” Acorn leapt to their feet, and wished they had chosen to have wings in the brief second the little brownie almost fell off the Angry Laughing Man’s shoulder before they managed to grab his ear.

“Alright, give me your argument,”

their perch asked while offering a hand to help resettle Acorn on his shoulder.

“Whenever the Titania and the Oberon are alone, everything is bad,” Acorn said in such a small voice that if they hadn’t been sitting next to the Angry Laughing Man’s ear, he wouldn’t have heard it. “When they’re in love and together, everything is great for everyone. Flowers bloom, trees grow, and more Faeries are born.”

“Are they…” The Angry Laughing Man hesitated, picking up a black device to smother it in gray puddy. “Look, sorry Acorn for not understanding Faerie society, but are the Titania and the Oberon… are they really the parents of all Faeries?”

Acorn rolled their eyes. “Of course they are. The Titania and the Oberon are Mother and Father to all Faeries. Everyone knows that.”
“But is that the same… I mean, the Titania gave… birth to you all? Like a honey bee queen?”

“Um, that…. well…” The problem Acorn wasn’t really sure what the Angry Laughing Man was asking. “I can’t tell you.”


“Because you aren’t a Faerie Friend,” Acorn decided.

“Oh really? Then why are you talking to me? I thought brownies don’t talk with people who aren’t Faerie Friends.”

“Because,” Acorn puffed. That was a problem, because he was right. Acorn or any of the other little folk were supposed to avoid other non-Faeries whenever possible. “You’re a friend of Ms. Rune’s. She is a Faerie Friend. So that’s ok. Can I have another mint?”

The Angry Laughing Man shook one out of a little tube from his pocket and presented it palm open to Acorn.

To be Continued….