The Wish

“Why on earth do you think that would work?” Viola asked. She was a beautiful little faerie with lavender and blue petal-cut clothing that wafted around her as she moved. Her wings were a translucent gold and silver and her pink hair stuck straight up like a thistle. Acorn liked spending time with Viola, but right then she was being a real pain.
“I gotta try something,” Acorn said as they rolled the silver coin across the table.
The two little Fae both looked up at the enormous visage of the Lucky Devil, the iconic emblem of the bar, The Lucky Devil. The statue sat at the only booth in the whole bar, smiling a smile full of mischief and promise. There were other devil’s in the bar, all around on the walls and in corners and stuff, but there was none as eye drawing as the statue who sat there, waiting to grant wishes.
“Did you finish writing my wish?” Acorn asked. They had pulled Viola into their plan, because Viola had learned to read and write and Acorn had not. Yet. There was a lot to do when one is a little Fae.
“Dear Mr. The Lucky Devil,” Viola began reciting, taking to wing so she could look down at her handiwork, “Please will you grant my wish and make Ms. Rune fall in love with Franklin the centaur. He is really sad and he said he would smash the evil snake in the alley for me, so please, please, please, help me out.” She looked over at the little brownie for approval.
Acorn nodded. “Yeah, that sounds good.”
“Yeah, but how does this work exactly?” Viola asked, setting back down on her dainty bare feet.
“First we put the wish into his pocket.” Acorn pointed up at the acrylic coat of the Lucky Devil. “Then we drop this coin into his cup.”
“And that’s it?” Viola asked, dropping down to sit, her little gown billowing around her so she looked exactly like a flower.
“That’s it!”
“Are you sure?” Viola questioned, arching an eyebrow at them.
“Yes, I’m sure! I’ve seen a bazillion times!” Acorn struggled with the coin again. It had taken some serious pixing to get the coin out of the machine that sat behind Lucky Devil’s booth. Only the cheapest coin slot had responded, but what did it matter how much the coin was any way?
“Why does this coin have to be so heavy?” Acorn griped.
“How are you going to lift it into the glass? It’s as tall as you are?” Viola asked.
“You’re going to lift it in,” Acorn answered.
“What?! I can’t lift that!” Viola flickered her wings quickly with alarm.
“You got to, otherwise it won’t work!”
“So what? It’s no tear in my wings.” Viola took off again, hovering in the air as if to leave.
“You have to! It does matter! The snake could eat you too! Or any number of other ones of us Fae. It’s evil knows no bounds!” Acorn argued, dropping the coin onto the table with a loud clink.
“It can’t get me, I’ll just fly away,” Viola sniffed, hovering in a circle to demonstrate.
“But what if it got you from behind, when you weren’t looking and then it snapped out and tore your wing and then you fell and couldn’t fly away no more. Then it would eat you up and you would slide down it’s whole body for days and days until you died!”
Viola’s wings drooped and she touched down on the table gain. “Days and days?”
“Days and Days!” Acorn insisted.
Viola rubbed her little hands together in front of her mouth as she pictured it.
“Okay that sucks,” she conceded and flew over to help Acorn drop the coin into Lucky Devil’s lowball glass.

To Be Continued…

This story takes place after the novel The Finder of the Lucky Devil, available at Amazon, B&N, Kobo and Googlebooks!

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