When I dream about snakes, it’s never a good thing.

They’re always out to get me, eat me, poison me. They are angry at me, hissing vicious and spitting mad. I remember a dream where I was playing in a backyard with a friend long forgotten to the fog of childhood. We were running and laughing when a snake, long and green with a yellow belly burst from the ground. It’s top vibrated back and forth creating a good as it writhed in the air. I screamed and screamed and ran and ran, the friend beside me doing the same. We feared it chased us, but it instead disappeared and no one would believe in it’s existence, no matter how we insisted it was true.

Maybe this wasn’t a dream, but a memory?

Yet what adult mind would agree with it?

Can snakes burst up from the ground?

I once dreamed of a snake fountain.

The snakes curled up and out of the water, spewing poisonous water from their mouths, splashing it out in perfect arcs like synchronized swimmers. It was in a stone temple where conan the barbarian was invading. Now I know that was a dream.

I remember another dream, in the home town where I grew up.

All the sidewalks had turned to waterways and you had to walk on the grass. Under the water, a vicious fish creature, with a long razor blade of teeth was trying to jump from the water to slice into my leg. It had a single dead eye, metallic and evil and an antanae that searched for me as a ran along the water way, battling it. But I was trapped by a snake, hooded and huge, chasing me from the other way, running on legs at the same time it was slithering on not-legs. My only escape was to wake up.

I’ve wondered what it means, my dreams about snakes.