So yeah, if you’ve been following along, I am telling the story of how my husband and I met and fell in love and lived happily ever after. If this is your first of my blog posts, I would back up two and pick it up from the beginning because… Well I would. I hate starting stories in the middle. (All Hail Netflix!)

Three Days Later

I didn’t see my future husband again for three days after the kiss. And I truly thought that was the end of it. Then my sister, who went to the same college as I and was an art major, did her freshman art installation. Her project was “gorilla art” and to her that meant putting t-shirts on trees. So throughout my campus there were like a dozen t-shirts on trees. I was walking around the crisp fall day, looking at the trees since I didn’t have class for a couple of hours and I looked over and saw him standing there, looking at a different t-shirted tree. Being the bold personality that I am, I went over to him to say hi. We talked about the trees and about… actually, I honestly don’t remember. But it was nice. We started walking around the campus and talking and then we went to dinner together at the illustrious cafeteria. (For those playing at home, yes I skipped class and so did he. It was worth it.)

We didn’t leave each other’s company for three days, the entire weekend.

Now here’s where memory is tricking

I’m pretty sure we didn’t do anything those three days… I mean we made out and like a lot, but also know for a fact that any other “first times” were a separate incident with their own drama

Writing Tangent

(seriously, nothing in this relationship didn’t have drama in it, in the beginning. I just can’t really write about it, because it’s true and I don’t know, do authors right autobiographical romances? I mean all romances or “sexy scenes” have an auto-biographical finish on them, but like moment to moment just like a romance?)


That is the story about the beginning of my beginning. If you liked this story and want to know more about my real romance life, let me know. If you did not like it and don’t want to know more about my mushy TMI life, also let me know. Any way, next week I’m posting some bits of writing I’ve done. Safe right?