It was back at my dorm room.

My future husband and I had been assigned a project to work on together in class and we were at my place to work on it since my roommate had been kicked out for violating school code too many times. So I had this room meant for two, all to myself. And I was already wearing pajamas. Need to open the window yet?

Any way, we had finished up the work part and we were back to the talking and talking and talking part. Every time we got together lately it was wonderful because we talked. I really did like his company, even if I was obsessively crushing on another guy (who was oblivious to this btw). We got to talking about how he never really had a girlfriend before, just girls who were friends and the most he ever got was some cuddling on a couch. Incredibly tame by romance novel standards, but I teased him and asked him to show me what he meant by “cuddling.” So we laid down on my bed and I was in his arms, my head in his nook. We sort of stopped talking, and I just remembered listening to his breathing.

Then very slowly, daringly…

I inched my head up until my nose was pointed at his neck. Achingly slow, afraid that he was pull away at any second, I moved up a little at a time. He turned his head just as slowly towards me and for an eternity our lips hovered over each others. Trembles rattled my stomach and my heartbeat was pounding out of my ribcage. Then our lips touched over the tiny gap and we were kissing. Somehow our motions pushed the pillows out from under his head, and he kept sinking down until his head was resting against the mattress. When I let up for air, he was starring straight up in shock. After a second, he came back to life and breathed out


I laughed but that seemed to break the spell because he was instantly on his feet, freaking out before bolting out the door. Not sure what happened, I shut the door and shrugged and figured “well that was the end of that. He’ll probably avoid me forever now.” Again this is my future husband I’m talking about. So how was it possible we could get together after that? Come back next week to find out.