We’ve all got one. A chitterchatter monkey that lives in the back of our minds. This monkey is an asshole. She or he tells us all the lies. I mean all of them. You’re not good enough, what your writing is crap, people will think you’re crazy, gross, deviant, weird and they will shun you for it and you should be ashamed if you had any decency whatsoever… and on and on and on.  Like I said the chitterchatter or fear monkey is an asshole. Because most of what she says isn’t true or at the very least unverifiable. And telling her to shut up doesn’t work either because she just laughs at you in her chittery laugh. The chitterchatter monkey hates quiet. Hates breathing. Hates persistence. Meditation and yoga and mindfulness and friendship make it go sit in a corner sullenly. It hates waiting for it’s turn to speak at you, but give it something to do and it can’t help itself, it goes quiet. Solving a problem in the writing, focusing on typing the next work, focusing on breath, focusing on the eyes of the person across from you, especially if they’re dreamy, all give the monkey something to do and it goes quiet. Do the problems that the chitterchatter monkey bring up go away because you took ten minutes to breath? No. Which is exactly why taking ten minutes to breath is ok, you’re fears don’t need your constant attention. We all have a chitterchatter monkey in our minds, and the only way I have found to win against it, is to do it (whatever it is) anyway.