Ok, this is a trick stolen from another writing blog, I just can’t remember so I can’t properly credit them, but it is a powerful trick and it helped me. So I guess this is me paying it forward?

First off, yes your writing a first draft and it sucks. Good. It needs to suck. It’s very existence is more important then it’s current quality. A story needs sentences, lots of them and every single one is important to accomplish this goal no matter how good it is. Except then, you get stuck, right? You need the right word, the right idea, the right….thing to convey the complicated concepts, or action sequence or feelings your trying to convey…and you can’t think of it. You can see it in your mind’s eye, but all the words you have popping up are cliche, overused, or just plain wrong. [Put it in brackets]. Take the sentence [that you know is wrong] or the word that is [wrong] but is close and [put them in brackets]. Come back to it later. I’ve put whole paragraphs in [brackets] before.

Editing is a hundred times easier and chances are the right words will be there for you later. Chances are also just as likely that what you wrote originally is fine and it was your angst getting in the way. If neither of these things happen then guess what? That’s why you hire an editor! Someone else may suggest the word you were looking for but couldn’t see or point out ways to vary your repetitive word choices. Don’t let perfection get in the way of writing a sentence that sucks, because you need every sentence to finish writing the story.