Ok, it’s your first draft. You’ve done it. You finished it. Woohoo! You’re so excited, you want the world to read it, you mean buy it, you mean read it. You love your story, you put everything you had into it. Let’s go on Amazon and publish it right now!


Yeah don’t do that.


Now wait a second, before you jump to conclusions, I am not going to tell you what I bet everyone else already has. Yes, book publishing is extremely competitive, yes it’s your first draft and just because you like it doesn’t mean it’s good, and yes all the other things, yadda yadda yadda. None of those are reasons I’m going to tell you to slow down big thunder.


You have to have your book edited. The reason is you’re not done in the world you’ve created yet. You finished building the sandbox. Don’t you want to play in it a bit before you ship it off to other people to play in it too? Having a professional editor, a person who knows what they are doing, tear into your manuscript gives you the opportunity to think bigger, go deeper and gives you the very real pleasure of writing freely. It’s there job to keep you consistent and all the things. It’s your job to play and enjoy what you’re writing. You want to share your best work and an editor is a useful tool to get you to your best work. Are you a newly bloomed writer? You’re going to have to pay that out of pocket, even before you maybe get picked up by a publishing house. It’s worth the investment. How you find that editor is up to you, but do it any way.