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Megan Mackie is a writer, actor, podcaster and playwright. Besides writing, Megan is currently running a satirical podcast called The Princess Peach Conspiracy, about how all of the Super Mario Bros games are really a conspiracy by Princess Peach to keep the war economy going. You can hear it on iTunes, Stitcher, or GooglePlay. She also likes to knit, play games involving dice, and getting into feverish discussions about why the live action Beauty and the Beast is better than the animated version. She lives in Chicago with her husband and children.


With her premier novel The Finder of The Luck Devil, Megan has broken into the Cyberpunk and Urban Fantasy scene with force, selling over 700 copies in her first year.


In addition to her writing, Megan also works on the Podcast The Princess Peach Conspiracy. You can listen to it here.

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