Devil's Day Available Now! ...sort of...

Due to the events of the past year, I have had to change publishers and will soon be republished by Prince of Cats. Yet, if you are looking for a copy of The Devil’s Day, do not despair! You can order a physical copy directly from me. Click Here to reach out to me and I will get back to you to make arrangements.

Remember, you can always find help at the Lucky Devil.

Rune Leveau—emerging Talent and one-time corporate prisoner—knew that better than anyone. She’d rebuilt her life at the Lucky Devil bar, with her Aunt Maddie’s help.

Now, in her aunt’s memory, Rune continues that legacy. But when it is time for the Devil to claim his due, Rune could lose it all…

With the days counting down until she must defend her claim to the House of Magdalene—including the bar—Rune and her partner, the cyber-spy St. Benedict, hunt for a way to defeat her challenger, the fire Talent, Abraxas. Instead, they uncover long-kept secrets. But do they hold the key?

No matter what, the Devil will have its Day…


"If you are a fan of top-tier urban fantasy and can put up with the addition of corporate conspiracy as well as super-tech with your working class supernaturals then this is definitely the book for you. The action is good, the characters likable, the world building believable despite its genre-smashing craziness, and overall fun." - C.T

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